Animal Guardians is dedicated to defending animals used by the fur industry, the dog
and cat meat trade, and for entertainment in Spain, China, and South Korea.

Our Documentary: ‘Santa Fiesta’

Santa Fiesta is a feature documentary exposing Spain’s extreme cruelty during popular religious celebrations where 60,000 animals die every year. The film documents, for the first time in Spanish cinema, the extensive variety and support of blood festivals all around the country, where people, religious authorities, and politicians, embrace one of the biggest animal massacres of our time.

Filmed secretly across the country over the course of a year, this visual journey is presented without interviews, narration, or musical score, revealing an eye-to-eye portrait of the Spanish people and the criminal traditions that celebrate God at the expense of animal pain and death.

We want Santa Fiesta to be more than just a great documentary. We want an international community to eventually build enough pressure to stop this animal genocide in Spain. We must show this film around the world, take it to the best festivals, and work to erradicate these blood fiestas FOREVER.

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